Manish Ajmera

Personal summary

Born in 1964 and brought up in respected family in society of Mumbai, to Shree Late Kishorebhai and Late Smt. Mrudulaben Ajmera, second eldest amongst 5 brothers, graduated from K.C. College, married in 1987, to D/o Chandulal D. Parekh respected Jain Family at Kemps Corner, Success in business, inculcated with traditional values, family’s principles and secular thinking. He started his career in 1985 as a spices merchant and later diversified into Financial Markets, Real Estate, Pharmaceuticals industry & chain of Hotels & Resorts in Hospitality Business. Living and doing Business under one roof along with his brothers and their children of 3rd generation. Apart from business, he has been widely active in serving and catering to the needs of the society (Dasha Shree Madi Samaj). The enthusiasm with which he facilitates the need stills nothing but heart-felt respect for him in the society.

Dedication – Foresight - Headship

He is a strategic leader and has a very good vision. He translates all challenges into opportunities. He has great leadership skills, good administrator, which can be proved by success of his life. He has the simplicity to carry everyone along with him on the path without compromising ethical values.

His success has contributed to this process with his rich experience and knowledge collected over years of having ability of understanding and respecting everybody’s views before arriving to any decision/conclusion.

Manish Ajmera has a natural interest for sports and also regularly visits the club for fitness amongst other activities. Being a man of his position, he not only commands respect and authority but also inculcates values of interdependence, affection and ethical behavior in the Company.

Below are a few of his Philanthropic Activities

  • Andheri Girl’s High School (Vice President)
  • Ajmera Bandu Mandal (Committee Member)
  • On the advisory panel of Dasha Shri Madi Gnyati
  • Marriage Bureau counseling & Reconciliation

“Think Beyond Profits.”

In capacity of a successful leader, he has always dedicated himself for the service of the society.

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